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Insta Top 9 2015_jesssomewhere

Happy New Year!

Pictured above is a collage of the 9 most popular Instagram photos from my account this year, and also happens to feature most of my favorite makes of the year. Unfortunately, hardly any of them made it to the blog!

The start of 2016 marks about a year since I started this blog, and I’ve been reflecting a lot on what I find useful and enjoyable about it, and what is cumbersome or frustrating. It’s widely speculated online that blogs are dead, but personally I’m an avid blog reader and I especially love following along with sewing and knitting blogs. When I started this space, I spent a lot of time at a very analytical, administrative job and I sought an outlet to document my creative projects and exercise my writing muscle.

2015 was a year of great transition and growth for me: moving across the country, switching jobs, developing my sewing and knitting skills, trying to make new friends and reconnect with long-distance friendships — to name a few! These experiences were incredibly valuable, as well as challenging, and ultimately liberating, and yet throughout these journeys I don’t think I allowed this space to grow with me.

When I started writing on this blog I really wanted to “go deep” into my projects by looking at the supply chain and sourcing of fabrics, as well as documenting my process and reflecting on the results. That’s a lot to cover! Overall I enjoyed these in-depth blog posts but often I would be excited to share something and then lose steam as the post became too long-winded and burdensome. Frankly, I don’t even enjoy reading such lengthy and rambling posts, so why write them?

My goal for the transition and growth of this blog is to write less, more frequently. I really admire the blog Fringe Association in many aspects, but especially the tone, structure, and regularity of the posts. And recently I’ve also loved my insta-friend Ani’s “What’s on My Needles” series where she elects to post a weekly update, regardless of how “finished” or novel the project is.

So this year, I hope to pop into this space once per week to share and document what I’m making. I love the ease and spontaneity of Instagram, but seek to elaborate a bit more and get into the supply chain details and relationships involved in my projects. I hope this helps me strike the balance of a satisfying writing process and a helpful documentation, and I hope you’ll find it fruitful too.

Wishing you a happy & healthy new year!


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