13827287_1484571851558977_67633394_nWardrobe Ecology is a personal blog about the practice of making and caring for clothing. An exploration of the ways fiber systems are rooted in domestic, social, agricultural, and political ecosystems, through creating a handmade and intentional wardrobe.

My name is Jess and this space serves as a making journal; here you will find my musings, notes, and plans for projects ranging from sewing garments to knitting with local yarns, foraging and growing natural dyes, learning new skills, and expressing creativity through personal style.


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Jess. I’m doing the OneYear One Outfit challenge too! I’m going to be in California on holiday. Are there any good fabric shops that you could recommend in the San Francisco / Sacramento area?


    1. Absolutely! I actually don’t really shop much in SF or Sacramento, but if you’re able to visit the East Bay (Oakland and Berkeley), A Verb for Keeping Warm is a must-see (http://www.averbforkeepingwarm.com/) for sewing, knitting, and dyeing inspiration, and Stonemountain Fabric is inspirational as well (http://www.stonemountainfabric.com/). San Francisco has a high end fabric store, Britex (http://www.britexfabrics.com/) which I’ve actually never shopped at but it’s on my list. If you have access to a car and are heading north, I’d also recommend Knitterly in Petaluma (http://www.knitterly.net/). Scrap in SF (http://www.scrap-sf.org/) and the East Bay center for creative reuse (http://www.creativereuse.org/) also have a variety of fabrics and sewing components if you’re looking to experiment with upcycled/recycled textiles. Enjoy your visit!


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