Here & there, vol. 3


Is the world melting or is it just some of the snow?

The past few weeks were challenging on many levels, and turning to manageable, tactile, creative tasks has helped me get through it. Of note:


The finishing touch on ultra cozy Hudson pants (the better to spend a Saturday morning snuggling & writing postcards to Senators).


Finding my own way to commemorate 2017. I think it’s critically important that we continue to define & document our own narratives — I’m starting in the pocket of this sweater (thanks, Beth, for the tip).


Slow stitching inspiration, thinking about the role of thread and fiber in mark-making, heritage, and recording history in cloth.


Looking forward to this series interviewing slow fashion leaders

Honored to be included in this piece on slow fashion sourcing

One step at a time, times 3: to lead, to follow, to make a habit.

Other numerical comforts: take 5.

Finding hope in local: local knittinglocal elections, and learning how to be an active ally.

Plus: Ebony’s interview & illustration series

Fair Dare fabric recommendations



Here & there, vol 2.: checking in



Tumult. Travel.

Reading & journaling feels good; sharing words feels harder.

The work: Resilience & Resistance.

How I’m starting (so far): continuing to build community around regional, regenerative fiber systems. Connecting with my loved ones, reaching out to friends who’ve fallen out of touch and have experienced first-hand the fallouts of this brutal vote. Creating things with my hands, nourishing my soul and digesting the waves of emotions and experience. Gathering in the streets in solidarity and in mourning, gathering in safe spaces in joy and in grief. Committing to financial donations and plans for volunteering, organizing, and showing up. Calling my representatives, voicing my concerns, and demanding accountability.


Now. is. the. time.

Songs for possibility; a reminder to bolster our courage, compassion, & creativity.

+ 10 ways to fight hate

Where to donate, to begin

And what if the sun doesn’t come out tomorrow? Contemplating darkness & finding the light

Connecting climate change & our closets

A holiday guide for showing up & talking about racism. (really, an anytime guide for dialogue)

Call your people (the elected ones) (here’s a script)

Call your girlfriend (the smart & compassionate ones)

Holding these words close in quiet times & busy hands:

“Quilts, clothing, furniture, sign painting, and the crafts of the building trades all cross political lines, much like food. They also connect deeply to a battered vision of American identity that is in desperate need of a better angel right now. If we’re looking for a way to reach our fellow Americans, to have honest conversations with them about equality and dignity, craft can be a place to begin.”

& now I’m probably off making feminist gingerbread people

Here & there, vol. 1



A week full of knitting my improv, top-down raglan, which necessitated a full unraveling of sweater v.1. Even though I’m already thinking about fall and enjoying the streak of cool weather, I’m still trying to embrace the sunshine and the local colors it creates. (More on that soon).


Can you strive for minimalism and still enjoy styling?
(And, a resounding NO.)
(And yes: 3 fresh takes toward #30Wears)

Looking forward to Grace Bonney’s new book on creative women, which I just found out includes my current favorite comedian, Cameron Esposito, whose words are meant for me directly, I’m sure.

Weaving & natural dyeing in Laos? Sign me up.

“At one point color was as seasonal and regional as cuisine- cooking, making medicine,  and creating dyes were a simultaneous practice…The drive for beautiful fashion can create healthy and meaningful opportunities through natural color, providing designers with unique and vibrant color palettes to draw upon”

Not your average jeans-jacket

Even better blues: my friend Beth won WIP of the week (and secretly I think we all just want to wear that outfit).