Summer wedding dreaming

1-wedding look.jpg

An indulgence: putting words & images to the summer wedding look I’ve been daydreaming about…

  • A silk shift dress in deep navy (inspired by this and this)
  • Simple sandals, a bit fresher than my current pairs (these arrived just in time)
  • An airy, earthy handknit shawl
  • A little bit of shimmer
  • Messy-chic hair (like this)

My brother’s wedding is just around the corner and I’m thrilled to join our family and friends to celebrate in a little mountain town in Colorado. They are keeping the ceremony quite small and I was honored when he asked if I would stand with him in lieu of a traditional bridal party; I’ve taken to calling myself “the best (wo)man”

Then, of course, came the question of what to wear. My soon-to-be sister-in-law is so lovely and relaxed, and was open to pretty much anything. Still I wondered, anything anything? So I’ve been collecting and sharing ideas with the bride and her sister, who is the bridesmaid. My ideas really started to take shape when I found an amazing length of deep navy blue washed silk crepe de chine at a local fundraiser full of donated supplies and cast-offs.

Then I had to narrow down the exact form I was going for: something I could re-wear, something understated but elegant, flowy but flattering. I’ve settled on a simple shift shape inspired by slip dresses, with a scoop neck on one side, deep V on the other, and side slits and a midi hem for a modern twist.

To complement: neutral sandals (to re-wear with casual attire), a handmade shawl for when the sun drops, minimal jewelry that I already own, a bit of shimmery highlight and a low-key hairstyle to polish up the look.

Later this summer I’ll put together a post on self-drafting the dress, as well as details for the resulting dress (sneak peek over here) and shawl.


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4 thoughts on “Summer wedding dreaming”

  1. Oh this is so fresh! We got married earlier this year in a wedding (ceremony and a party) that was almost entirely against my will (not the marriage, but the way it was celebrated and legalized). I had to compromise on so many things I can’t get this out if my mind. I would like a re-do, a ceremony that will be ours, including a dress I will not hate making. If I ever actually go for it, a dark blue maxi dress will be perfect… Or a pink tulle skirt 😉


  2. How lovely! I’m a huge fan of special-occasion pieces that can be integrated into my wardrobe afterwards. I was a bridesmaid last weekend, and I made sure to sew a dress I’d like to wear again (which was a really fun challenge.) The navy silk sounds like such a find.


    1. thanks! Yes, such a relief to not end up with the stereotypical bridesmaid dress that never sees the light of day… Turns out the silk held a few secrets but the sewing still went well 🙂


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